A few things about OGG-support


I did some tests regarding the OGG-Support in the latest firmware 01.01.29.

  1. First of all, THANK YOU for the new OGG-support, it’s great to have an open and efficient codec!

So in general it works great, but there are a few flaws.

  1. Tags:

This issue has already been discussed here: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=clip&thread.id=6827

Till next firmware-release you can use a little work-around to get your tags recognized:

a) foobar2000: Tags are only recognized if you tag a file without any tags manually, tags wont be recognized when you rip an audio-cd and auto-tag it using cddb.

    To get arround this, make sure that the full track-information from cddb is written to the filename, set Preferences>Tools>Converter>Output File Names>Single Tracks

   to something like this: [%genre% -][%date% -][%album artist% -][%album% -][%tracknumber% -][][%track artist% -][%title%] 

   Then rip your CD, delete all the tags using “right click on a file>properties>tools>remove tags” and select “Auctomatically Fill Values” to set your tags from the filename.

b) Media Monkey: Use it to tag your files, tags will be recognized :slight_smile: But if you have OGGs with not-working tags you have to delete the tag first

  1. Album-Art

I used Media Monkey to tag my OGGs and added album-art to the tags. When I try to play one of these OGGs with album art, the Clip freezes, mostly. 

The strange thing is, that some OGGs with album art just play fine, whereas others cause e clip to freeze. Samplefiles can be provided.

All transcoding was done by Oggenc2.85 using aoTuVb5.5 (http://rarewares.org/ogg-oggenc.php#oggenc-aotuv), most files with quality-setting (-q option) 5,5 or 7.

All,  thanks for the feedback.  The next firmware reelase will correct these bugs.  Thanks.