Ogg files won't play in clip

I have a 2g clip and my ogg files created in Mediamonkey and Exact Audio Copy just get skipped by the player.  They show up in the song list, but they won’t play-only their tag info shows up briefly before skipping to the next non-ogg song.  They are encoded in quality 5 mode and they play back fine in mediamonkey.  The problems began with the previous frimware and have not improved with the new one.  Any ideas?

Funny, my OGG files ripped in MediaMonkey with Q5, will play just fine on the Clip.

I know you said “they show up in the song list”, but I just gotta ask anyway: are you playing the songs via a playlist, or directly from the Songs menu?

Message Edited by PromisedPlanet on 10-18-2008 09:40 AM

The songs were not in a playlist-simply in “play all” music. I did find that if I download tags through mediamonkey on those ogg files, they would play in the clip. But simply converting from WMA Lossless tagged files to ogg in mediamonkey did not produce playable files. Similarly, direct CD rips to ogg in Exact Audio Copy using CCDB produced unplayable files on the clip. They would show up in an “unknown” folder with other MP3 files that played fine. I suppose they just needed tagging through mediamonkey is all.