Playing Pre WMP11 MP3's

I have a large library of mp3 music which was ripped before WMP 11 was released and my Clip+ plays part of the tune and then jumps to the next one.  I no longer have all the CD’s and I’m looking for some software that will convert them into playable MP3’s.

Can anyone suggest a solution?

You’re not supplying much info. When you ripped them did they play back then and on what. Are files still on hd and do they play there, if not copy to hd and see if they play.

If they ever played correctly somewhere, the program used to rip them shouldn’t make a difference unless protected, I’ve never had protected music but would imagine such a file wouldn’t play period.

These are recorded concerts and MP3’s I’ve had for some time and they all play on my PC.  It was only when I transferred them to my Clip+ that they only played part of the tune and then jumped to the next tune.  I read somewhere that there is a program that will correct this.  I believe the program converts the MP3 to another format and then converts them back.

What is the file format for the files?  Is it possible that they are in a protected format or otherwise in a format not compatible with the Clip?

I have no problems playing CD rips from WMP 10 (in either .mp3 or .wma format) on mine. :confounded:

Having said that though, I have run into instances where I got a bad rip from WMP and had to re-rip it again. Probably why I quit using it . . . well, ones of the reasons anyway. :wink:

They are MP3 files.  I still have some of the CD’s and by ripping them again, this time using WMP 11 they work fine.  I understand that WMP 10 files will work.  These are obviously not ripped by WMP 10.

Were they ripped with the computer being connected to the internet at the time? If so, the ID3 tags for the files would be created and filled in via an on-line database. If not, then probably no tags were created and Sansa mp3 players are very persnickety when it comes to tags. Incorrectly filled-out tags = problem. Too many characters in fields (like is common with classical music) = problems. Wrong tag format = problems. Strange/foreign characters in tag = problems. Comments field filled reviews and/or other crapola = problems. You get the idea.

Having clean and correct ID3 tags makes for an enjoyable and issue-free (in most cases) listening experience. A little light house-keeping in this area whenever a new file is ripped or transferred to the player will pay off big dividends down the road. :wink: