8gb SDHC class 4 card will not format from Raw to Fat 32

I have a Sprint HTC Hero and an SanDisk 8gb SDHC class 4 card. I upgraded to a 16gb and want to continue to use this card. I transferred all my data over to the new card using the phone as a disk drive to my computer and put the 16gb card into a usb card reader. All of the data transferred fine. Now I try to access my 8gb card on my computer and it wants me to format it. I try and then I get an error message basically stating it was not able to format it. The file system is now RAW and reads 0 bytes. I put the card back in my phone and it will read that it has 7.39 gb free space I then format it again on the phone and unmount it. I put it back in my computer and same thing happens. Just for the heck of it I try to transfer some pics over to the card from my computer and it was successful. I put the card back in the phone and it will read the pics. I can see them on the phone but I cannot format it to a Fat 32 file system on my computer. What the heck is going on here? What can I do to get this card to work right. I would like to use it on my Nook Color.

Did you try using the SD formatter?



You have to tell Windows to optimize your SD slot for performance instead of quick removal:

  1. Right-click on My Computer and select Properties
  2. Click on the Hardware Tab
  3. Click on the Device Manager button
  4. Click on the little + next to Disk Drives
  5. Right-click on USB2.0 CardReader SD0 USB Device and select Properties
  6. Click on the Policies tab
  7. Click on the Optimize for performance circle
  8. Click on OK

Hope this information helps you.