8gb cruzer "drawing too much power" from USB ports & hubs, seems to hate everything.

Hi everybody,

I just bought an 8gb cruzer two days ago (my third cruzer after the first two went tragically missing - though they served me well for about a year and a half each) and put stuff for a small Soundtrack Pro project on it. When I was working on said project this morning, it was plugged into a powered USB hub and worked fine. Now I’m trying to get to my project on another computer, and the message “because a usb device was drawing too much power from your computer one or more of your usb devices have been disabled” keeps appearing.

Um. Okay. That’s great. What now?

I tried three other computers, including my laptop (the first place I ever plugged it in) and the computer I was working on the project with, and the powered USB hub I was using earlier in the day. I either got that message or it wouldn’t mount at all. 

Has this drive already bitten the dust?

this sounds like a bad drive. it happens sometimes with electronics. If you just purchased it i would take it back the place of purchase to return it. if they will not take it back contact sandisk support 866-SANDISK and they can replace it under warranty