64gb Cruzer Glide needs formatted - will only format to 1gb

We used our two 64gb flash Cruzer Glides to back up our DVR before it died, and they DVR reformatted then to whatever file system it needed.

After we were done putting the files on our new DVR, I went to reformat the two flash drives back for Windows to use them.

We run Windows 7 w/ Service Pack 1, currently up to date.

When I choose to format it, the ONLY size available is 1gb, with no other options for size.  FAT is the default file system, but setting it to anything else still only gives 1gb.

I searched the forums to no avail for a similar problem.  I didn’t see any drivers for the flash drives, but I will keep looking until any new ideas pop up here.

Thanks for reading :smiley:

Found the solution a few pages in…

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

This is something new. Where is the link for the fix? What could be the root cause?

Try this link austingrd :


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