256GB Cruzer Glide

I have a Cruzer Glide 3.0 256GB USB stick I want to re-format but the format options now say this is only a 32GB drive.

How can I reformat the stick to 256GB ?


Why did you reformat it?  Was it used?  If new it was already formatted as exFAT.

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Hi Ed.

I was using the USB stick to create a backup/restore drive for my laptop.

I did not realize the laptop would reformat the drive to a smaller size.

When I was done using it to restore I tried to use is to back up data and fiound the smaller size.


Sounds like the backup app formatted the drive as FAT32 which only supports drives up to 32GB.  You need to reformat the drive to exFAT which Windows should support.  Do not format it as NTFS.

Check the vendor of your backup app for a fix or upgrade to support larger exFAT drives.

Thank you Ed.

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