64 MB ? 128 MB?

My 32 GB card is starting to fill up.

Before I buy one, I thought I should ask, will my Clip+ work with a 64 GB card?

And… I saw they have 128 GB cards now.    Will that work on my Clip+?


Gary in Vermont

According to Saratoga, an actual programmer, even 256GB should work.

However: there is a limit to the number of songs the Sansa will see, and if you fill up a 64GB, much less a 128GB, you will probably exceed it.

To use those very large cards, go to www.rockbox.org for alternative software that can view all the files–and try it with your current card  to see if you like it. Follow the installation instructions precisely step by step.

thanks, I actually had Rockbox installed on my last Clip+ and I’d still be using that one if the headphone jack didn’t fail… But I like this thing so much I bought another one.  i figure, if the headphone jack fails every 4 years, that’s $10 per year and I can handle that.

I haven’t put rockbox on this one yet, and I probably will at some point.    I was not aware that installing rockbox will increase the number of songs the device can see.  Is that true?  I thought it was mainly a souped up GUI.


Nope, much more than a GUI.  And yes, it increases the file limits dramatically (I don’t recall if there even is a limit under Rockbox)…