4gb Clip Zip frozen on "Refreshing your media" on a freshly formatted external card

Hello all,

I’ve spent a few hours looking through other threads, and haven’t found a solution yet.  Help is appreciated.

I’ve been enjoying my Clip Zip for a few months and had music only on my external 16gb micro SD card.  A few days ago I impatiently dragged and dropped 5 new albums in rapid succession, and it jammed it up.  Eventually I found and followed suggestions to plug in the USB cable while holding down the center button while the micro SD card was removed, and it began working again.

However, with the micro SD card inserted in the slot, it reverts to “Refreshing your media” each time, and freezes indefinitely.  I took out the card, put it into a card reader and rendered a full format.  Then I looked at it in explorer, and verified that it is completely empty.

When I insert the empty, formatted card back in the slot on the Clip Zip it again says “Refreshing your media”, progresses about 5% and freezes there until the battery runs out…

There are no files on the card.  I am using a PC.  This card, this PC, and this Clip Zip worked well together before.  I have since loaded music onto the internal memory, and that is working well.

Thank you for helping  :slight_smile:

How did you format it?

A 16GB card shold be formatted to FAT32.

Yes, I formatted it with FAT 32.