4GB Clip is not properly charging or batter is discharging quickly

I had a 2GB clip for almost 2 years until it finally died after extensive use.  I bought a replacement 4GB version in May and I am having problems with the battery.  It charges normally and the indicator shows ‘full’, but after using it for less than an hour it is almost completely discharged.  Also if I leave it ‘off’ the battery will discharge on its own and I will be left with a player that doesn’t turn on until it is connected to the computer.  I have tried soft resetting it, but no help. 

I am traveling in a couple days and don’t have the time to send it back to the manufacturing before buying a replacement. 

You can try reapplying the firmware (see sticky thread at the top of the forum) and see if that helps.  More likely, the unit is defective (the discharge issue is a known defect) and needs to be replaced under warranty.  Sorry!

This has happened to me one time; ONE time, I repeat. The way I got over it was to just charge it to full again, and bingo, everything works the way it should.