Sansaclip 2GB

Have had my 3 Sansaclip players about 10 years now - a 1 GB, 2 GB, and 8GB. I have lost touch of how to do things with them except play. I tried to turn on the 2 GB one today and it remained dark and did not light up or come on even after tryng to restart a few times and connect it to the charger. The other two are working fine. Could it maybe need a new battery and if so where would I get one and is this something I could do myself? Or would I need to replace it?

I have all the songs on the 8 GB, even more of them, and on my laptop so mainly the problem is getting it to start and play. These are the only ones I have ever owned, never a problem, and no idea how long they are supposed to last. Anyone have any suggetions?  Thank you.

Re: Sansaclip 2GB I wish to add tht after reading the prices ans condition “used”, “pre-owned”, “refurbished”, and the battery replacement procedure, I feel it best just to use as long as I can and discard. Seems hardly worth the expense and trouble. Eventually I guess the batteriy just wears out and then either discard or replace player. But had to ask.

No replies yet from others but as I read and watch you tube videos I am getting more confident in replacing the battery if I can find one and see how to do it. Guess the reason they have lasted so long is I do not use them much. But the 8 GB has the most on it. And I just discovered how to edit the reply.

OK…For some reason it began working again. I tried turning it on and it CAME on. Then I connected to a charger for it read 0% battery. I charged it for awhile until it read 100% battery and played it today and yesterday a few times. Seems OK now. No idea what happened or why but it is functional and I am glad not to have to deal with it.

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