2G sansa clip not detected by computer...

iv’e got a 2gig clip,and it can;t be detected by my computer…i can’t download any song to it…my friend said that i need the cd that came with it but when my brother gave it to me,its just the clip and no cd…what can i do?

First thing to ensure (and the easiest :stuck_out_tongue: ) would be the following:

  1. Turn the player on.
  2. Go to “Settings” and then “USB Mode”.
  3. Make sure the setting is set to “Auto Detect”.

If the setting was on Auto-Detect in the first place, then try playing with the other two modes - maybe your Windows will recognize it… Otherwise, the Clip should be easily recognized by Windows as a USB drive of some sort, it’s rather strange that yours doesn’t.

You might also want to check the Device Manager - right-click on My Computer, go to Properties and from there:
*) If you use Vista, you’ll see Device Manager in the Tasks area to the left.
*) If you use XP or lower, look for it in one of the tabs you’ll see - Hardware maybe?..

In Device Manager you might stumble upon devices with an icon that have a yellow “/!” triangle inside them - if your clip is one of them, try right-clicking it and select “Update Driver Software” or something similar - maybe Windows might still be able to find the driver and get the device to work…

Tell us how it went and what happened. Based on this, more ideas can arise.


Tried the steps suggested by you . When asked to update the driver from internet ,the system ( Windows 7) says " Windows cannot find driver for your device . please Help.

Don’t rely on the infamous Auto Defect mode. Switch the player to MSC mode for the easiest computer connectivity.