2 GB Wont get recognized

I bought 3 new Clips for my kids.  Two have no problems at all and the last one does not get recognized when hooked up to the computer.  I tried just about everything:  I switch to MSC mode, Powered off and held the center button while hooking it up… Went to the Device Manager, the other two are located, but when i go put the third one on it shows up as an unknown device.  Any other suggestions?  Does this Clip have any hope or should I call customer support?  Please help.  Thanks

So two works but not one? Strange…I had the problem that it wasn’t recognized, but that was solved by updating to the newest WMP…but if two works…no idea. I guess you could always try to update to WMP11 (or whichever the most recent one is).

i am having same exact problem in my sansa 2gb and i do have windows media player 11 still its not recognized it does charge though but it doesn’t recognize my sansa 2gb