1GB Sansa Express Crashes Winamp and MediaMonkey, XP SP2

Hello All,

This happens to me on multiple computers. I’ve tried both Winamp 5.0 and 5.5 and MediaMOnkey Running XP SP2. If I have the Sansa Express plugged into computer and try to play any file through Winamp, winamp crashes out. Also, I get no audio out of MediaMonkey if I have the SE plugged in.

I found a workaround with Winamp by renaming pmp_p4s.dll, but this is not a viable option since it limits some of the functionality of the SE within winamp. I would blame winamp, but it screws up MediaMonkey, as well…

Seems to work okay in Windows Media Player 10+11…

Any help greatly appreciated…thnx much!

I’ve also exprienced this crashing with winamp. however the solution for it means absolutely no device support offered by winamp.  the issue seems to be a winamp issue and their implementation with portable device support.

visit this for a fix alternative: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&thread.id=1507

however, once again, this removes winamp’s user support for portable devices (you won’t be able to sync / transfer music with winamp to your device).

hope that helps, or gives you some idea on how to maybe fix the problem.