winamp+sansa express = fail

if i have it plugged in and start winamp, it will auto-terminate
i need winamp to sort my playlists, wmp cannot sort, do not mention other media players (unless foosbar works)

if you would enable .m3u support in the firmware this would not be a problem to begin with, i imagine it wouldnt be hard as seeing all the other lines seem to support it

Do other programs with MTP support (like Windows Media Player) work?

Have you tried updating or reinstalling Winamp?  I’ve never seen an issue with an MTP media device cause just one program to crash; it tends to be all or nothing if the problem is on the player’s end.

hi, sorry for this awfully late response.  anyways I created a new post regarding this issue of express+winamp crashing at:

there is a winamp plugin uninstall procedure that should solve this problem.  hope it will be helpful