16GB flash drive

I have a 16GB SanDisk flashdrive and I have used it successfully for the past 6months or so. Now, however it is showing only a 9.91 GB capacity when the folder shows that it is empty. Is there a way to fix this to return it to a larger capacity? Do I need to reformat it? If so, how?

Thank you!!


Be sure your Windows Explorer is configured to show Hidden files and folders.  It sounds like you have one on your drive.

If there are no hidden files on your folder, you can reformat it by Opening my Computer, look for your falsh drive icon, right click then click format. Then just follow the instructions. By default, It wont show you the whole 16GB free, it would be less. Explanation for that is a different story. hehe

It is unnecessary to format a drive simply to remove files and folders.  If you want to change it’s file structure, NTFS to FAT32 for example, then yes formating is the way to do that.