SanDisk 512GB Flash Drive capped at 16GB

Model: SanDisk Ultra® Dual Drive Luxe USB Type-C™ Flash Drive 512GB

Filesystem: exFat

Hi admins, a few months ago, I have purchased the above mentioned flash drive from a computer hardware store. It works fine on both pc and mobile phone, until it suddenly could not accept anymore files. After few rounds of troubleshooting, I noticed that the flash drive stopped working after 16GB. I am still able to access the 16GB of files in the flash drive, but could not add any further.

Kindly assist.

Thank you.

With the drive plugged into your computer, open the Windows Disk Manager and report what is shows for the flash drive.

It says 499GB

Edit: Sorry, it reads 500GB

Does it show it in a single partition?

hmmmm :slightly_smiling_face: What’s that old saying about pictures and words.

So, how big a picture are you trying to add?

What app are you using to add the pictures to the drive?

What OS are you running on the pc? And what version.

Are you able to write files other than pictures to the drive?

What type of files are the pictures? jpg, jep, mov, png, …

Not picture files. Windows Iso files. Each iso is 4++GB. As mentioned earlier, it worked under 16GB, and i just happened to crossed the 16GB limit and discover the flaw. Now it ■■■■■ to know that we have paid for a overpriced 16GB flash drive from Sandisk. :expressionless:

Can you add any type of file to the drive other than an ISO?

Can you add smaller files to the drive?

How are you adding the files to the drive? Copy & paste with File Manager or some app?

An option to try, backup the files on the drive, reformat it to exFAT, and reload the files plus 1 more to see that the problem is resolved.

And on a side note what are you using to boot the ISOs? And what ISOs are over 4GB!!

It doesnt matter big files small files. As long as the total capacity hits the magic number 16GB, it fails.

Fail as in Windows copy completed without error, BUT files (after 16GB) not found.

Flash drive is just a temporary transfer media. We dont usually utilize much storage. Thats why after purchase, we only tested simple functionality check, eg. usb transfer and type c transfer.

It just happened that we copied a folder containing the Windows 10 ISO 20H1/20H2/21H1 (in both x86 and x64 versions) that we discover the malfunction.

The flash drive still works for daily operation, but we had paid for a 512GB model.

Just trying luck to see if anything could be done to restore the missing storage.

Wow!! Very strange. I assume you are looking at the drive using Windows’ File Manager. If you open a Command Prompt window and do a directory of the drive do the missing files show then?

dir E:

Maybe an attrib command too.

attrib -s -h E:\

Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. The files’ copy don’t error out.

I’m afraid you have been scammed, the storage capacity shown in windwos should be less (476GB)

Possibly a fake drive.

Hi, you should try contacting to SD Technical Support about this for live assistance