Cannot transfer files larger than 4GB to Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive

I purchased a 256GB Sandisk Ultra Dual Drive flash drive, in order transfer large files from my laptop to my Android cellphone. However, I can’t transfer files larger than 4GB to the drive. I understand that it’s due to the FAT32 limitation, and that I have to format it as NTFS.
My question: If I format it as NTFS, will I be able to connect it to my Android cellphone and view its contents?


New SanDisk drives are formatted as exFAT which handles files over 4 GB. If your drive is FAT32 it is used. Return it.

And check the specs for your Android phone, see if will read exFAT drives and files larger than 4 GB.

I purchased my drive 3 months ago in a local store, and it’s FAT32. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to this limitation when I bought it, and now it’s too late to return it.

How big is your drive? If your drive is over 64 GB it is formatted as exFAT which handles large files. And that format may apply to 32 GB drives.

If you need to reformat the drive to exFAT be sure to backup the files on the drive before reformatting it.

The drive is 256 GB, and it was originally formatted as FAT32.
I re-formatted it as exFAT and now everything is OK.