sandisk 64 GBDUAL USB drive not working on android phone

recently i bought 64 GB sandisk dual drive for use on my androide 4.2.1 device.

earlier I was using 32 GB sandisk dual drive since one year on same phone.

but surprisingly i found that its showing message "“External USB storage is damaged”

bu t it works perfectly fine when connected to PC.

i took help from sandisk website where it is mentioned that  64 GB & above drives

needs to be formated in FAT 32 format. 

sandisk suggested to try following:


There are several free PC applications available online for formatting USB drives such as HP USB Disk Format Tool , 2Tware Fat32Format , and miniAide Fat32 Formatter

These tools will allow you to format 64GB flash drives into the Fat32 file system for use in enviroments that are not compatible with the exFat file system.

Note: Formatting deletes all data on the drive, be sure to back up your data before formatting."

formatting with  HP USB Disk Format Tool doesnt work and gives same error message.

and downloading of Fat32Format , and miniAide Fat32 Formatter is prevented by chrome browsar as malitious tool…?

what should i do…?

please guide…

Well, 64GB drives are formated as exFAT, is there an option in the android phone that would support the exFAT format?

When the flash drive is connected to a pc can the pc format it to FAT32 using Windows or the tools SanDisk suggested?

Hi Mahesh, you can also post what Android phone you have so we could easily look it up on what file system it supports.

Fortunately the “2Tware Fat32Foramt” worked for me.