16 GB memory stick Pro duo [PSP] goes down the hole . . . !

Sometime in Early June I ordered (from Amazon, albeit from sold by Straight Trading, Inc (and fullfiled by Amazon) I ordered a 16 GB memory stick pro duo (for use in a PSP 3,000). Worked lovley untill a few weeks ago when it decided to go kaput. The PSP nor any computer that has a built in card reader could read it or format it (they’d all fail, but the computers would at lest [if the format worked I presume] give back about 238 MB of space)

I did ship it back to Amamzon, got most of the money back, but it was (& is) a sandisc product. I doubt I’d get a replacement or  something else to ‘replace’ the stick . . . . . . . . . . .

Is there a questiion here?

Thoughts . . . suggestions . . . . wondering if Sandisc would do anything since it was their card that failed . . . .

No, they wouldn’t. Not if you’ve already returned it to Amazon.

What would you expect them to do? You’ve already returned it and got a refund from the dealer. Had you dealt with SanDisk they most likely would have had you send it to them and they would issue a warranty replacement.

Everybody has products that fail. SanDisk is no different. But if you return the item to the dealer you bought it from and get a refund, there’s nothing further the manufacturer can do.