Need help with memory stick adapter and more memory for Sony camera

I have a Sony DSC-P73 camera, vintage 2004.  As best I can tell, it uses memory that is referred to as Memory Stick.  I’d like to buy some more memory but gather that it’s no longer made but that adapters to currently sold memory are available.  I’m seeking information and advice on what to get.

I think that 1 to 2 GB would be plenty.  It seems that the preferred memory is the Memory Stick Pro Duo and I need an adapter to go with it.  But I seek confirmation about that.  There is no room in the camera for a longer memory card.  Is the adapter the same length as my current Memory Stick?  Does the Pro Duo memory fit inside the adapter without protruding?

I also see Memory Stick Micro (M2) as being available with adapters to it also being sold.  Is it preferred over the Pro Duo?

Frankly what I would prefer is an adaper that would allow me to use a micro SD card but that doesn’t seem to be possible.  Am I right about that?  I use micro SD on a Garmin GPS and the commonality is attractive.

Any help would be appreciated.  The number of variants is making this rather bewildering.

Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro Duo, and SD cards are all different specifications. There is no SD to memory stick adapter so that is not an option. 

You may be able to use a produo in an adapter. The adpater makes the pro duo the same size as the memory stick form factor. 

that said as far as I know sandisk has not made memory stick pro duo cards in a long time so you may have trouble finding some. 

It’s been several months but this may be of value to others.  I don’t recall being aware of this when I originally posted but deep in the P73 owner’s manual is a table of memory that can be used with the camera (it includes the caveat that there’s no guarantee of proper operation).  The table entires were:

Memory Stick

Memory Stick Duo

Memory Stick Duo MagicGate

MagicGate Memory Stick

MagicGate Memory Stick Duo

Memory Stick PRO

Memory Stick PRO Duo

I bought a used 4GB stick labled Memory Stick PRO and MagicGate.  It was slightly snug when being inserted.  Also the display screen initially showed a blue image that I’d never seen before - possibly because I’d never before used an empty memory stick.  But it seems to work fine.  4GB is a massive amount of memory for this little camera.