Sandisk Memory Stick Pro duo

I bought a memory stick pro duo at wal mart (4gb) but everytime i save music to it,after playing it for about 15 seconds it says corrupted file,so i went to wal mart and bought another one because i thought it was the stick but when i tried it,the same thing happened please somebody help me

It’s very unlikely for two brand new cards to be defective.

Are you using the card for your PSP (phat, slim or 2000)?

Do you have another MS card which works properly with you host device when playing music?

i have a 2000 slim,and yes i had a black sony ms that i got with it as a package and it worked fine,but i lost it.thats why i bought the sandisk,this is really pissing me off because i use my psp to listen to music in my car.know i cant listen to **bleep**.i just dont understand whats going on i tried everything.not even formatting the ms works please somebody help

I also picked up a similar 4GB Pro Duo, just last night, and also from a WalMart and, sadly, with a similar problem. I tried every method suggested that I could come across, even submitting a report to SanDisk’s tech support center.

To simplify things, I’m using a first-gen PSP. I have a Sony brand 32MB, 512MB and 1GB stick that all work fine. Why is the problem only occuring with the SanDisk model, which was fresh out of the packaging?

Since nothing seems to work to salvage the stick, I’ve resolved to return it to the WalMart location where I purchased it and to also demand a full refund, which I will then use to purchase a Sony brand 4GB stick instead. I will never trust a SanDisk product ever again.