Memory Stick Pro Duo problem

My years old memory stick fell apart. It just came unglued or something. I have 3 parts. The front and back plastic and the inside black memory chip thingy with the contacts. I ruined the plastic parts trying to repair the stick. I tried to get it to read in multiple readers just using the chip but no good. I then bought another stick from Walmart and tore it apart to try to get the old chip in place of the new one and the inside was different as the chip area was smaller and it didn’t fit. I just ordered 2 more sticks and hope one of them can be used as a housing for the old chip. But I don’t know what I’m getting as I just ordered the cheapest ones I could find as I only neeed the housing. I was hoping to get a blank housing from SanDisk but they refered me to a recovery place that charges a lot of money, much more than the photos. I dont even remember what everything may be. Anyway I was hoping for some advice on what to buy to use as a housing as there seems to be different insides to these things or another method of reading it. Thanks

Also I tried to include a photo but couldn’t figure it out as it won’t show my computer when I try to inset pic. It asks for the source and I don’t understand.


i dont think that it will be easy to just buy a housing of the card in that case. i recomment either way to contact a person that is aware how data recovery works or just replace the card with a new one.