16 GB Bitlocker password

    I bought a used 16gb Cruzer and did not receive the Bitlocker password, I formatted the flash drive and now have no operating system on it.  What’s my play?  I also have an old 2gb Cruzer with autorun, LaunchPad and LaunchU3, all dated in April or May 2006. 

    Additionally I have an 8gb Cruzer that also appears to have no operating files on it, only user files I uploaded to it.  Do they not come with an operating ‘system’ now?

    Can I get the Bitlocker file and the Read Me file to reinstall on the 16gb Cruzer?  If so, where?



ok few things here.

bitlocker is a feature of Windows Vista and Win 7 enterprise and Pro versions. IT actually is not a function of the drive or preloaded. You would need to configure bitlocker on the computer and store the file on the drive during configuration.

Secondly there is no OS on any flash drive. Older sandisk drives had an application platfor called U3. this is now obsolete and has not been loaded on sandisk devices since november of 09. the newer drives are not compatible with U3 and it can not be loaded on the drive. 

Maybe this is what you’re looking for?  It’s not U3 but it does provide security for the USB device.


thanks for your reply, I was aware that U3 was not on recent/current flash drives and I did try the drive on xp, vista & windows 7, with obviously much different results, I formatted the drive and it removed the bitlocker stuff and apparently it will work just fine for my use as is…

thanks very much,


thanks for your fast reply and your assistance, I can see the benefits of the secure access without the restrictions of bitlocker,  lets call it closed…

thanks very much