1) Ejecting devise ? 2) unlock secure access vault

Hi; Please help . I m a newbie.

  1.  Normally in a PC, we need to click command " safe to eject devise ’ before we can remove the USB.  In a iphone , do we need to do that? If yes, how ? 

  2. I ve saved a you tube under secure access vault ( while testing the item). It s now locked; and I cant seem to open it . it says ’ filed locked! please unlock this file to view it .  How to do this please?


  1. No you do not need to eject the iXpand from the iOS device. Just make sure the app is closed and disconnect it

  2. To unlock a file go to the file under the secure access folder and swipe left on the file. You will see 3 vertical dots. tap this and it will give you the option to unlock the file (an open lock icon) tap that and select the location you would like to decrypt the file to. 

Note: if the data is not sensitive there is no need to encrypt or lock the file.