1.3.2 just downloaded

I had 1.2 installed and just had a cache reset so I thought I would give 1.3.1 a try.  Low and behold I’m getting 1.3.2.

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Sama as here, expresscache reset itself a few days ago, so i downloaded the new version, from now on i’ ll begin a fresh start.

Small tweaks.

Download is about the same size as previous version.

Don’t have a good feeling about this, but I will give it a go.

They should announce that it 1.3.2 is available.


The file size is about the same cause nothing was really done, lol.


What’s the verdict?

I think all your positive or negative comments should go in this thread after you have tried it out.

I have downloaded the file. I’ll do the install when I experience a cache reset eventually.

So - How is the new release working out for you?