1.0 Gb c240 locks up when recharging.

When recharging my SanDisk c240 1.0 GB mp3 player, the screen locks up, and I cannot do anything with the player.  I try turning it off with the power button, and nothing happens.  No other buttons seem to unlock the device.  Also, unplugging the device from the USB port does not unlock the screen.

Any Ideas on what should be done.  I bought the player April 02, 2007, so the device is less than a year old.


screen locks up as in there is no screen activity, no backlight or anything seen, cause that happened to me.i got no solutions that work as yet.try calling sandisk support. let me know they’re solution to ur problem too

Yepper…  I’m having the same problem. And when I plug in my usb cable to computer,hoping that it just needs charged,  the computer does not recongize the device. This wasn’t a problem until I connected the player into the new speaker system I just got, but really don’t know if that is causing the problem or not. I thought maybe I need a new battery but I do have some light on around the navigation bar. I’m stumped! If i get a chance I will call support and let you guys know what they say. Please do the same. Thanks

I just called support, and I’m up and running! All I had to do was hold the menu button down for about 25 seconds. That was easy enough. Try it, hope it works for you!!