0 KB file size in PrivateAccess

I have recently purchased a Cruzer Blade 128GB USB flash drive. I installed PrivateAccess on it, and I started putting files on it.
I also put some video (mp4) files on it, but after I logged off and logged in, the file size of one particular video was 0 KB. I could still open the file, but when I copy-pasted it on my main drive, the actual file was 0 KB, and it wouldn’t open. I even took a backup and restored to it, and it still showed 0 KB as the file size.
I have the original file, but putting it on the flash causes the same problem — it shows the correct file size, but once I log off and log in, it shows 0 KB.
Is this a known bug? Is there a fix to this?

Hi @noitsnot0,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I am thinking about opening a support case but before that, I want to know whether you found the solution or not? If not then I will open it too.

Yes, this is a known bug with the SanDisk PrivateAccess software. It seems to affect some MP4 files, and the file size will show as 0 KB after logging off and logging back in. The file is still there, but it is not accessible.
You can either disable the PrivateAccess or copy the files to a different location. You can either run an antivirus scan or format the drive. You can also contact Sandisk support or use recovery software like Stellar Recovery tools to recover your original files after the format.

So, for some reason, converting the file to a different format (I converted it to .avi) and converting it back fixed it? I’m not sure, but I think it could have had something to do with the file itself. Even then, I think PrivateAccess should at least show a warning or an error message if the file is corrupted.

This happened to me and I lost some files. In my case, the damaged files were in a PrivateAccess subdirectory. I copied them to PrivateAccess and verified that the file size shown in the UI was correct. Then I closed PrivateAccess and deleted the orginals. Later, when I needed to view one of the documents, I launched PrivateAccess and discovered that several files showed 0KB file size. I was able to replicate this with other files as well. Sometimes files added to the subdirectory would encrypt and save properly and sometimes they would not. In all cases, PrivateAccess gave the impression that they were backed up properly until it was closed and re-opened, which is doubly deceptive. Thus far this has not happened with any files that are stored in the root but beware when archiving files to a subdirectory. One workaround is to store everything in the root and then use the “Move” feature to move it over to the subdirectory. But in all cases – no matter what – be sure to close and re-open PrivateAccess before deleting any originals because this software cannot be trusted.

I got same issue. Is there any solution so far?