Secure Vault shows zero files


Bought a 64gb Cruzer Flash Drive.

Added 30gb of files through secure access.

The next day inserted drive to computer (windows 10) and opened Secure Access and no files are showing.

I’ve attached a screenshot…

it shows a size of 0 for the drive.

Looking on the drive itself in windows explorer i can see that all the files are there, but encrypted.

how can decrypt and recover these files?


You decrypt the files via SecureAccess.  There is no other way.

With SecureAccess closed try running a CHKDSK command on the drive to see if that helps. 

Tried running checkdisk and it showed no errors…

So what else can i do?

30gb of important work files were copied to a brand new flash drive…

they are encrypted by SecureAccess.

i can see the files on the drive.

running SecureAccess  v3 shows 0 files.

what is the solution here?

can i copy the files to my PC and decrypt them there?

Sorry dog, the only way to decrypt SecureAccess files is with SecureAccess and on the flash drive.

It looks like you will have to recopy the files from their backups.

Unfortunatly these were important work files which are no longer available…

the integrity of the files was checked after copying and everything was present and accessible.

the next day the secure access vault suddenly showed empty.

It would seem then that SanDisk flash drives should not be trusted with valuable data.

The flash drives are fine, SecureAccess on the other hand…