Zip Clip Problem

I’ve read that the headphone jack is tight when you first buy it but I can’t even get the headphones it came with to go in more than halfway!!! I’ve pushed as hard as I can but the headphones won’t go in and when I get it in as far as it will go music only plays in one ear and one teeny tiny bump causes the headphones to fall out!!!

I expect better quality in the products I purchase!!!

Before I go back to Best Buy for a refund is there a solution to this?!!

My appologies for the rant above. After reading some more posts on this forum I stopped worrying about the possibility of breaking the player and pushed harder and the headphones finally went in and sound is playing in both ears. Since this player is for my 6 year old I pushed and pulled the headphones a couple of times and now the player’s jack is the prefered tightness for use.

Exactly–cool!    :slight_smile: