Zip clip appears dead

My zip clip is less than 2 weeks old and I’ve used it once.  It got turned on in my backpack and I noticed the screen was very faint with red song titles.  I hooked it up to the computer and charged it for 6+ hours.  Still nothing on the screen.  When I hook it up the computer I can SANSA CLIPZ and NO NAME (the 32gig mini SC card.)  But nothing on the screen.  

I read through this forum and tried rebooting it several times both connected and disconnected from computer.  I can see it turning on & off in my computer’s file system but nothing on zip clip’s screen.  

I am a mac user and had set it up for use with i-tunes and loaded it with i-tunes.  What do I do now??

It appears as though you have gotten one with a bad LCD screen. I would return it, either to whomever you bought it from, or by contacting SanDisk Customer Service/Tech Support directly for a warranty replacement.

Trust me, they usually last a lot longer than this. I’m sure you’ll have no problems with a new one.