"Your subscription tracks have expired,connect to your PC to continue" What???

It also says “Synchronize to continue your music subscription”, we had 30 days of free music through Rhapsody from Best Buy that’s how we loaded our player. Now it says this, I did try to hook it up and all it did was charge the battery. Any suggestions??? Do I have to pay a monthly fee in order to listen to my music???

How long has it been since you loaded the player? After the 30 days, that music will officially be retired.

A subscription is a monthly fee, yes. You had a 30-day trial subscription to Rhapsody. If you decide not to renew it, then the Rhapsody music has DRM (Digital Rights Muck) built into it that stops it from playing, and you get that error message. 

You can also get music by copying your own CDs, by buying mp3s from Amazon.com or eMusic, by finding free songs online (Google “music blog”) or through more devious methods. 

I loaded it quite a few times during the 30 days, I have renewed with Rhapsody, for a free 30 days, the problem is now, how do you hook up to the computer and get rid of the messege??

Also, will this continue to happen after every 30 days or do I need to pay a monthly fee??? Where do I get other music that this might not happen at??

Thank you

I don’t use Rhapsody, but there are directions here about how to re-authorize. If those don’t help, try using the search box for Rhapsody, subscription, things like that. 

You can buy individual songs or full albums online from Amazon, Emusic (independent releases), Calabash Music (world music)  and other places.

Many of your favorite bands will give away a song or two free on their websites. 

And music blogs stash all kinds of free music online.  You’re going to have to find those yourself. 

Music that you get from a subscription service like Rhapsody will time out–the songs are in .wma or other formats with DRM. However, if you just load the Sansa with plain old mp3s, like ones you would buy from Amazon or Emusic or find in other places, they will play without an expiration date.

You can find a lot of live concerts, free, at  archive.org, which you should love if you are into jam bands. 

If you like music from the huge spectrum of possibilities outside the major labels, you can get freebies from Emusic that you can keep forever, and then it’s only about 25 cents a song to subscribe. Emusic might not have anything you want; if so,  remember to un-subscribe after the free ones run out, or it will keep charging your credit card. 

If you still have an active Rhapsody account, simply connect your Fuze in MTP mode as before, and log in to the service.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the status bar showing that the tracks have been checked.  As long as the account is active, the licenses are renewed for a period of 30 days from the current date.  If you click on your Sansa in the “sources” pane, you can see the expiration date in the lower right of the screen.

If you right click on the Sansa in that pane, license and authorization options will be available.  “License” should reset the device status, but I have foung=d that the nuclear option is better, “deauthorize”, then “authorize” the Sansa again.  This should clear the subscription message.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

You should feel fortunate. I *bought* a Zune Marketplace album a few years ago which I can no longer listen too or do anything with. I’m ripped the cost of that album. And yes, i did everything the instructions said to renew the music but nothing helped. For those with Zunes, don’t bother with the Zune forum. They don’t care.

Same thing happened to me- being new with an MP3 player- I thought the music I PAID FOR with Rhapsody was mine to keep- not just to listen to.  What a rip off-- it would be nice if that was explained when we signed up for Rhapsody.

Thanks for the advice on places to find music.