Yet Another microSD Question (It's Different!)

Hello, new member here! (^^) And yes, I DID use the Search option; I did read the FAQs; and I did look at the manual.  And my question never got answered.  Hopefully someone will answer me soon!  Thanks in advance!

PS: Can I suggest that a “microSD(HC)” section be added to the FAQ?  It could include my questions, and other people’s questions as well. =D

Anyway…I’m having problems with my Kingston 2GB MicroSD card. The card works fine on my computer, but it doesn’t work in my 2GB Sansa Fuze player.  At all.  And yes, I’m only putting MP3 files on the card…not video.

I noticed lots of people had similar (but not exactly the same) problems, so I was wondering:

1) Are Kingston products incompatible with Sansa? Other folks keep having problems with Kingston cards, so I thought I’d ask.

2) Do I need to have a microSDHC card? My card is a microSD.

3) Does the card need to be formatted at exactly FAT16?  One of your manuals said I should use “FAT16 or higher”…but when I formatted it to FAT32, it still didn’t work. The card was originally in FAT format, and it didn’t work in that format either.

…Not sure if this’ll help, but my computer is a Windows Vista. And it gave me 4 formatting options: NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT.

And if all else fails…
4) What’s the warranty for my Sansa product, just in case the microSD slot is broken?  I bought it in late July or early August of this year (I still have my receipt + warranty somewhere; it’s out of place right now because I recently moved). Am I still within my warranty or no?

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  1. No problems with music or pics. Video playback may stutter.

  2. No, microSDHC and microSD are both supported.

3. I don’t know. Maybe the next poster will. :wink:

4. 1 year in the US. Other countries may vary.

Cards 2 GB and under should be formatted as FAT. Those over 2 GB should be formatted as FAT32. Only format a card if it is not working properly.

When you said the card doesn’t work in the Fuze, do you mean it can’t read files on the card, or can’t write to the card? Writing to the card seem to have fewer issues when the USB mode on the player is MSC. Is your player set to the MSC mode?

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@jk98: Thanks for the info on FAT formatting. I’ll reformat back to FAT…but still: that was the original format the card was in, and I still had problems.

@jk98 wrote:

…When you said the card doesn’t work in the Fuze, do you mean it can’t read files on the card, or can’t write to the card?

My Fuze isn’t reading the card (and yes, its USB option is set to “MSC” ). My Fuze doesn’t even realize the card is there…so I can’t read or write anything. I’m starting to wonder if my microSD slot is dead. =(

I’ve been using the following procedure:

1) I put the microSD card into my computer (with an SD adapter card), and drag-n-drop my files.

2) I take out the microSD card.

3) I turn on my Fuze MP3 player, and put the microSD card inside of it.

…I’ve also tried burning files by (1) putting the card into my Fuze player, and then (2) hooking my Fuze up to the computer, but that’s not working either. =(

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OH MY GOODNESS, I’M AN IDIOT. I just figured out what was wrong!!!

Bear in mind, this is my first time EVER using microSD cards. So I didn’t realize…that I had to push the card ALL the way in, until it clicked in place!!!

I thought I just had to lightly push it in, until the |> arrow disappeared.  I didn’t know it had to click in place. (><; ) I feel so dumb right now.

Thank you all for the help though. Sorry I wasted your time, LOL. xD

I do have one more small question though!! What are the odds that my microSD card will get jammed inside the Fuze player? It just feels…wrong to push on the card so much. I have to push it to get it in AND out, and I really have to slam on it. =\

Has anyone ever gotten their card broken or jammed before? (Please say no…)

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It is a good idea to insert or remove a card while the player is off. Insert the card slowly and gently.

“What are the odds that my microSD card will get jammed inside the Fuze player?”

i have not heard of it ever happening. My digital camera has a similar mechanism, but uses a full sized SDHC card.

Thanks for the tip; I really appreciate it. =)

All of my questions have been answered now. Thanks again for the help! <3