Wont work!! Plz Help!!

Ok well I was downloading a updater then my lil brother unplugged it.

Now it wont turn on even if I charge it for 12 hours!

I’ve tried the 15 second reset thing did not work, and when I plugged it into the wall instead of the computer (when plugged into the computer it wont let me see anything other than the charging) it lets me see everything/ listen to my music/etc. But the minute I unplug it the screen goes blank.

Although when I plugged it into the wall it said “Refreshing Database”

Plz help! :cry:

Try holding the on switch uppermost for 30 seconds-60 seconds and see if it resets.  Otherwise, it sounds like a lead to the battery could have come detached.

Sounds more to me like you corrupted the firmware, or more accurately, your lil monster (I mean brother) did when he yanked the plug during a data transfer.

I think you should try re-installing the firmware manually. Try holding the power button for longer as suggested to see if it will reset. If still necessary, see the sticky (shaded) firmware update post at the top of the board for the f/w download and instructions.

The fact that he can see everything and play music when plugged into a wall charger suggest a battery lead problem. Why that would happen when yanked out while connected is a mystery to say the least.

Dave he said that he could see everything and listen to music when he plugs it into the computer not the wall, but when he plugs it into the wall it says to him “Refreshing Database”!

ok Guys i gave up on it and opened it up (broke it while doing it lol) and it was a battery lead so thank you all for ur time