Won't turn on w/o USB

Ok so my problem (well my sis’s problem) is that the player wont turn on unless it’s connected to a usb (pc or ac adapter).

Like i held the on slider up for 10 seconds and nothing. But when i plug usb in, it turns on and works perfectly, and when i take out usb, device turns off right away.

Saw somebody else on fixya have it but no answer.

Anybody know how to do solve this?

I upgraded the firmware a lil while ago so it’s prolly nothing with that. It’s 1 yr old, so it’s the old one…and no warranty.

I have one myself and nothing is wrong with it so i dunno whats going on.

ugh ok found old thread from march of 08 with similar thing

sansa probably wont fix it w/o me paying, right?

guess it’s better to just buy a new one?

You think the battery is detached? Is the player set to connect in MTP mode? If so, you could check the battery charge by right clicking on the player on your pc while it is connected.

Did you try updating the firmware? Perhaps this might help?

I ran into the MTP problem before, but it turned on without the usb.

the battry is good, i used the ac adapter to charge it.

firmware is updated

my last guess might be that the battery is detached…

oh wells…she missed one that was on sale for $15

Checking the battery through the computer will tell you if the battery is detached or not. You could try formatting the player via the computer. If the firmware in the player is corrupted, then downloading it again and installing it in the player will solve the problem.

i just updated firmware

it’s in MTP way and batter is 98%

It says “Power source: Batter”

so battery is not detached?

So the problem isn’t the battery. Next try reformatting the player via the pc.

ok done, next please

Disconnect it from the pc and try to turn it on. It still won’t go on? About the only thing left to try is to download the firmware again and reload it on the player. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then I have no other ideas. It might be a hardware problem, in which case about the only thing to do is get a new player.

yah new player it is. guess it looks like i have a new 2GB Flash Drive lol

ah yes forgot to say it before, thxz for the help!:smiley: