Won't Play When Connected to Computer

This is my first MP3 player. Is it the design intent to stop playing when connected to the computer? Mine shows a firmware version v01.01.12A, if that makes a difference. – Thanks, Buttons

Whether it was designed not to work when plugged into the computer is something only the guy who designed the thing can answer, but indeed it does not play when plugged into the computer. It will play when audio connection is absent, like from an AC wall charger

Yes, it is designed to work that way. Normal operation functions are disabled when it detects a data connection. All of SanDiksk’s players have always worked this way.

To get the unit to play when connected to your computer, you can use a power-only USB cable; or only push the cable in partway, so that only the power pins connect up and the data pins don’t. Of course, even when your Clip is fully connected to the computer, you still can play the player’s contents: just use a software player on your computer to play the Clip’s contents.