WMA's have stopped working.

Hi. I ripped some songs from a mix tape a friend gave me. I dragged them into the music folder on my Sansa, and now WMA’s no longer play. Songs I’ve been listening to for the last year just get skipped in this endless loop. I tried moving all my music off the Sansa, formatting it and returning to the factory settings. I even poked the hole in the back ( which I’ve since found out was the microphone). I’d like to just return it to the state it was before, when my songs played.

So my question is: Is there any way to re-install the firmware on the Sansa? The updater doen’t give me the option.


Solved it! I went here:


and did the manual firmware “update” (this reverted to an earlier version). Now my songs are playing again and everything is good.

Good to hear.  Sometimes, a firmware refresh just does the trick . . . .