Windows Vista Desktop Not Recognizing Sansa Clip ZIP 4 Gig Black Oct 2013

I have a new Sansa Clip ZIP 4 Gig Black that is not recognized by Windows Vista.  All solutions posted on forums have been tried (software pack 2, Media player v 11, removing and re-installing drivers using window’s device manager - Sadly nothing works!

<< Any forum members that can share a solution re. these drivers would be appreciated >>

It seems that new drivers need to be installed or updated but it is unclear driver type needed, driver name(s) and where to  obtain these drivers from Microsoft for a Win Vista OS. These forums do not list a solid solution for this problem.

SanDisk tech support in India (Dheli) does not care to help customers with this issue and simply suggested to contact Microsoft for help.   It was a waste of time dealing with SanDisk tech support. Maybe an iPod is line for purchase is no solution is found.


A frustrated SanDisk user

Among all those “solutions posted on forums”, did you try switching the USB Mode to MSC?

Btw, the Clip Zip has it’s own board here. This one is for the orginal Clip and Clip+. The Zip model is just different enough from the others that the Admin felt a separate board would be beneficial to all. :wink:

USB Mode to MSC was tried and did not work.

Thanks for the info & sorry for posting on the wrong board. Clip naming convention is getting confusing…

Sometimes simple things can surprise–did you try using a different USB port and/or a different cable?

thanks for the imput. All USB ports were tried with no luck. Also, All sansa forum solutions were explored with no success - see link:

It was sad to learn that Sandisk technical support shows no interest in trying to help or explore solutions. Sansa tech support simply advised to call microsoft for help or contact a computer repair shop…go figure!  I guess I will be contacting Apple and order an Ipod…

You might try another USB cable as well.  I’m always surprised whebn I read someone post here that this did the truck.  Hardware–it can go bad.