Windows Stop / Eject Error Message?

Just bought today at Best Buy the 16 GB Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive, when I click on Safely Remove Hardware icon on my Windows XP taskbar and when I go to click the Stop / Eject message to safely remove it, it gives me the following error message;

The device cannot be stoped right now. Try stoping the device again later.

What does this mean and if I pull it out without going to threw the process is it going to screw it up and lose all of my pics I’ve saved on there?

I hope I didn’t waste my money today, somebody please help me out. 

What apps do you have open when you try to remove it?  ie Do you have Windows Explorer open looking at a file or folder on it?  Do you have an old app that accesses a file on the USB drive and doesn’t release it when it closes?  Does your system use System restore and does it have an allocation open when you use the USB drivre?  Is your antivirus scanning the files on the USB drive constantly?


Nevermind, I finally figure it out 

I finally figure it out

Excellent!!  :smiley:

Care to share your new found knowledge with the rest of us.  It may help others in the same situation. :wink: