Windows Server Compatbility

Is there a version of the dashboard out thats compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2?  I have two of your Ultra 2 SSD’s and i’d like to see their status.  If there isn’t a version right now, is it on any roadmaps?

I have not tried it but i do not see why the dashboard would not install in Server. Are you haveing issue installing the Dashboard or with the Dashboard detecting the SSD? If it is with detecting, are the SSD in RAID or are they showing in device manager as SCSI devices? if so that is what is causing the issue. it does not seem RAID or SCSI drives. 

The installer throws an error “The SanDisk Dashboard does not support Windows Server.”

that is a pretty specific message so it seems the dashboard is not supported on windows server. As far I know there is only the one version of the Dashboard available, 

The next version 1.2.0 will support Windows Server 2012

Any idea when that will be out, or a beta I could test?  As I said, this is a lab machine for me so it’s not production.

Or maybe a mailing list I can sign up for for when it is released?

We should have the new release ready before the end of the month.

Great, I’m looking foward to it.

new release is available now…check it out.

Just installed it and works like a charm with no workarounds needed.

thank you guys for the update!


but unfortunly it’s not compatible with whs2011 /SBS 2008

It shows “Sandisk SSD Dashboard unterstützt Windows Server nicht”


Compatibly mode also doesn’t work.

Any plans to support it too, or any hints to be able to install it?



Me too, I get the same “The SanDisk SSD Dashboard does not support Windows Server” message. Presumably if it does work on other Windows Server operating systems it is just not detecting Windows Home Server 2011 correctly (it is just WIndows Server 2008 R2 under the hood). My Ultra Plus is my boot drive and after some problems booting recently I would like to keep an eye on it. I also tried compatibility mode with no luck.