Has Dashboard reached end-of-life?

Last version is pretty old, and does not properly recognize new ssd line “Ultra 3D”. Auto trim does not work on win10 x64.

I am also sceptical about new firewire coming out, because there is still no update for Dashboard to accompany new SSDs.

Hi stalex,

Thank you for your feedback, can you let me know your Ultra 3D Part number that is not recognized in dashboard ?

We are still making update to this software and even sometimes the version is not changed, we make changes from our server side for new products, firmware etc. 

Here is screenshot of dashboard.

SSD is recognized as X600 instead of Ultra 3D.

Thank you, 

This is very interesting, let me bring this to development team


I think we found the root cause of this, we have made some update on the server side, please check again and let me know the result, the server may take up to 24 hours to respond to this change

Thank you for quick response. I am currently away from home computer.

I will check it tomorrow and inform you about the result

I have checked it. Now it is showing correctly: SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD.