When's the next release of the dashboard?


When is the next release of the dashboard?  I live in hope that resolution of the “Known Issues” will finally mean that the dashboard will recognize my ssd and allow me to trim it to halt the continued deterioration in its performance - see the end of http://forums.sandisk.com/t5/SanDisk-SSD-Dashboard/SDSSDP128G-drive-not-recognized-by-SanDisk-SSD-Dashboard/td-p/328128 .




i cannot reply to your question on when the next available version of the SSD dashboard will be available, but in order to enable the trim you will not need the dashboard but only a compatible windows 7 or newer system. 

because if you are using an older system like xp or vista even if you run the trim command to the drive, the controller will not recognize the commands and nothing will actually happen to the drive. 

so i dont see a reson to wait for the new version for the trim option.