Make Dashboard compatible with Windows 7 drivers!

Apparently current version of dashboard doesn’t run on Windows 7 due to driver issues. Downgrading to Dashboard version is an option but rather outdated/unsupported.

As we have bought a bunch SanDisk SSDs to speed up our older hardware upgrading to windows 10 isn’t an option also.

So please make Dashboard compatible with Windows 7 drivers again! Or even better  provide a version for Windows 7.

I’m sure the community would higly appreaciaty your efforts, as hundred of thousands of people are buying SSDs just to speed up old hardware, if this isn’t the main business for SSDs.

Also an hint in the release notes, that current version will not run on Windows 7 due to changes in the C++/Qt5 version used for coding would be more than nice. At least saving your customers a lot of time when reinstalling dashboard and trying the useless hint to change display resolution!

Dashboard is tested on Windows 7 computers (as well as Windows 8.1 and 10) before being released.  The issue you’re seeing is not with Windows 7 but with something else in your system.  Please contact customer support to troubleshoot the issue.

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