Windows Experience Index & Ultra II SSD


Just installed an Ultra II and put a clean install of Win7 x64 on it.  Just setting up now and went through the Windows Experience Index so I could enable Aero, part way through I can hear a high-pitched squealing which sounds as though it’s coming from the SSD, then Windows reboots.  Windows is fully updated and all drivers are the most recent.  The Sandisk dashbaord reports my drive to be healthy.

Do I have a faulty drive or is something else likely to be at fault?  This is my first SSD and all appeared to be going well until now :frowning:

Hopefully this forum is still used…  Thanks for any advice.


If the SSD is in fact the source of the sound it is faulty and would need to be replaced. the SSD should be silent. 

Thanks for the reply. The sounds turned out to be from my PSU which is a branded 1000W model, but struggles with WEI. Everything else, demanding games etc., runs fine so I’ll look at swapping the PSU at some point.