Windows 11 not recognizing SanDisk Flash drive on 2 different PCs

I’ve got a 128GB SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 that’s not being seen in File explorer on 2 different laptops that I recently upgraded to W11: Lenovo Flex 5 and Asus ROG Strix G512. The USB drive was working a few months ago on W10 as far as I remember.

The flash drive shows up in Disk Management and in Device Manager.

Things I’ve tried.

  • adjusting the advanced power plan settings so it doesn’t turn off the USB to save power.

-Going in properties in Device Manager under power management and unchecking “switching the device off to save power”

  • I’ve tried “Updating drivers” and “uninstalling drivers” but there’s no updates and uninstalling doesn’t do anything.

  • All my System + OEM stuff is up-to-date.

Is this a major bug? Can anyone offer any solutions to this?

Hi @kelsey27,

In order to resolve the issue, which you are facing, please refer to the following instructions:

Title: Flash drive is not detected in the system

For Windows: Cruzer flash drive NOT detected by Windows PC
For Mac: USB Flash Drive / Memory card not detected on Mac USB port

If the issue persists, please contact to the respective region for best assistance: