SanDisk Extreme 32 Gb

 I had a problem with the stick Extreme 32GB. I have it accidentally flash the incorrect firmware which I found on the Lenovo site for the SSD drives SanDisk U100. The drive stopped detecting in WIndows. Then I tried to dump the SPI chip firmware with programmer from a working drive and flash it on the non-working. Now it is detected as a USB Drive itself but disk space is not seen. Does anyone have correct firmware or service tool for this stick? Thanks in advance.


as far as i know there is no extra firmware or service tool to repair the drive. if its defetive you can simple replace it with the place of purchase or with sandisk direct

Can you format it? That would erase whatever firmware, etc. you put on it.

No, unfortunately I cannot format it, I even can’t initialize the disk and create partition. Now it detects as SanDisk U100 32GB,

previously it was SanDisk pSSD 32GB. I don’t even now where firmware stores, in controller or in nand flash. Theoretically it must be possibility to set controller in maintenance mode and flash original firmware. But I didn’t find firmware for this model or solution to dump firmware from working one flash drive.

Just an opinion, if the flash drive is defective due to misuse like loading an incorrect firmware, I don’t think that this is eligible for a replacement.