Windows 10 Event Log Error Message

I recently bought an SDSSDH3-500G-G25 drive to replace a smaller Sandisk SSD I had fitted previously.
Although the new drive appears to be working fine, I was a bit worried when I discovered that there is a warning message in the Windows 10 System Event Log on almost every boot.
“The storage device produced an internal dump”.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

It appears to be coming from the device on IDE port 3, which is the new drive, and I proved this by putting the old drive back, and the messages no longer occurred.
Is this something that I should be worried about?
Research on the message didn’t produce anything conclusive, the references acknowledge the existence of the message, but don’t say what it actually means!
Any advice gratefully received!
Cheers, Dave.

Anyone any thoughts about this?
I need to know if the SSD I have is faulty, as if it is I will need to exchange it under its warranty!
Thanks, Dave.