Sandisk toolkit update killed my ssd!

I bought a sandisk sdssdh2128g a couple months ago from amazon. Its worked ok but today i noticed there was a update for the firmware in the sandisk toolkit so decided to install it.

The install seemed to go fine untill i rebooted and windows didnt load.

So i checked in my bios and the drive still shows there. In the information in bios it now says capacity is only 53.6gb WTF!

Anyone got a fix? Have tried installing the manual update from here but that fails with uploading microcode.

My thinking is that somehow the toolkit downloaded the 64gb firmware or something by mistake… Not sure why nobody else seems to have seen this problem. Just my luck…

Can i get a replacement from sandisk as it was their tool which downloaded the update?

Have just managed to update the firmware to the manual update for my drive.

It still says it only has 53.6gb capacity.  :(

Sandisk seem to be suggesting its a fake or something by the questions they are asking.

Anyone else had issues with drives bought direct from Amazon EU S.a.r.L ?

They are just asking the general questions needed for RMA. FW updates can in some rare cases cause issues like this. That is why there are several warning to backup data. Nothing else you can really do except get it replaced under warranty. 

Hi Ferocious,

Sorry for my english! I’m French.

I met the same problem as you. I partitionned my Ultra + SDSSDHP-256G in 2 (100 Go and 150 Go):
Windows 7 installed on the partition of 100 Go.
After update of the firmware (Rév. X2306RL) with Sandisk Toolkit), impossible to start!

Connected on another computer under Windows 7, it is recognized as a disk of only 53 Go!

Bought on Amazon for less than a month, I asked for an exchange with a Samsung 840 250 Go drive.

Why so many problems!

I had a similar problem with one of my 256GB Ultra Plus SSDs. Right after a firmware upgrade, my drive was detected by Windows as only 50GB, and without any volume!

Although I had made a backup of my data before the upgrade, I was not happy about my drive not functioning properly. It was all the more frustrating that DashBoard had nothing wrong to report about my drive, except the size. Looking at the details section of DashBoard, and comparing with another 256GB Ultra Plus, I noticed that the only difference (except the serial number) was a much lower “Max LBA” value.

In despair, I searched for a way to modify that “Max LBA” value, and discovered the HDAT2 utility. I tried its “Set Max Address” feature, rebooted, and… Tadaaa, my volume was back with all my data! And of course, the reported size was back to normal. Since then, that drive has been flawless.

Same issue for me.

Toolkit identified a firmware upgrade which I installed. Then my 256GB became a 50 GB and all my software was gone !

Could you possibly provide the Max LBA so I can use this tool you found to restore the drive please. I don’t have a second drive to compare for the correct values to enter.

I found by running HDAT2 that it was all displayed by HDAT2 in it’s full 256GB glory.

After selecting set Max HPA I could see all 256GB and all the numbers seemed to change when set to reflect the proper size .

But frustratingly it didn’t cange anything . That’s my 2 hours worth of frustration. 

I think there’s an error in that toolkit misidentifies the drive initially and applies the incorrect firmware. I can’t test that now but anyone else would be advised to find the correct ISO image for the firmware update manually and not use sandisks toolkit.

Now if I try the correct firmware downloaded manually I get an error message saying it’s the incorrect drive for that firmware !!!####*****!!!

Come on Sandisk this is rerally crappy

the toolkit is an old app. For FW upgrade you should be using the SanDisk SSD dashboard. There is a board for the dashboard in this category.