Win7Install sata/ssd?trouble


new system and im trien to get win7 to install however

ive run into a lil trouble.

first of all ive set bios to “Raid”

after booting from usb the win7 install is prompting me for CD/DVD drivers tbh im not sure if that is an sata/ssd issue

anyway i have neither installed (and i tried pretty much every driver i could find on the asus mb dvd)


z77v-lk / 3750K / extreme 120 and some old graphic card (just the bare minimals)

trien to install win7pro sp1 x64 from usb

maybe ive missed somethin :confused:

any suggestions?



seems like my usb stick is missing some files, currently redownloading msdnaa since the image is appearently broken.

hope that will do.

u can prolly delete these posts :slight_smile: