Will this Wifi Flash Drive Work w/ Ford Sync USB?

I currently store/play music on a usb flash drive that I keep plugged into my car.  Ford’s Sync system  plays the music from the flash drive thru the car’s speakers.  To add music to my drive, I have to remove it, put it in my computer, transfer music from my phone or computer to the drive and put it back in the car.  This wireless usb drive is just what I need.  I can send songs from my Android phone to the flash drive without having to remove it from the car…at least in theory.   Should the device work in this application?  And should the drive stay charged while plugged into the usb port in my car?  If not, it won’t work for my needs.  I’ve read a few complaints about tracks not advancing.  Has this been fixed or is it just a certain phone?


If the USB drive is connected via MSC (mass storage class) the WiFi radio is turned off. This is a limitation of the controller. You cannot connect via MSC and WiFi simultaneously. What that means is that you would need to unplug it from your car stereo and turn on WiFi, Transfer the music you want to add from your phone and then reconnect it to the car stereo. 

Thank you for your reply.  I’m thinking this little wifi flash drive is going to be too cool to be stuck in the arm rest of my car.  Sounds like it probably won’t work the way I need it to anyway.  I’ll just continue to lug the thumb drive out every now and then to add songs and use the Sandisk Connect drive between phones, tablets and computers. 


I was hoping the WIFI would stay on too.  We have a USB music device in our store that plays annoucements.  So whenever I have to change something, I have to trudge down to the basement.  With this I was hoping I could send the new files wirelessly.  But when I plug it in, sure enough, the WIFI turns off.

Why can’t this be a firmware tweak?  The WIFI stays on when it’s plugged into my computer.  If the controller is programmed to know the difference between two kinds of USB devices, why can’t it be programmed to ignore the difference?


The controller does not support MSC connection and simultaneous WiFi connection. It is a limitation of the hardware. 

I have the exact same question.  I do understand that while it is connect to USB the wifi won’t work.  However, it seems possible that when I turn off the car and the USB port powers down, it will no longer “see” the USB connection, and therefore the wifi will work. 

Has anyone tried plugging this into a turned off computer to see if the wifi works?